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We would like to draw your attention to the following session at the INQUA
Congress in Dublin (July, 2019):

*Understanding Quaternary proxy records of teleconnections between
mid-latitudes, polar and tropical regions*

*Summary: *Quaternary proxy records of paleoclimatic changes and events
often display remarkable correlations across the latitudes, indicating the
influence of high-latitude climatic processes on climate in tropical
regions, and vice versa. A recent example is the proposed link between
Arctic sea ice and the Asian monsoon system.

Too often, however, the physical systems transmitting change remain a
“black box”, and the systems through which communication must occur, the
mid latitudes, are overlooked. Consequently, our understanding of past and
future climate fails to progress beyond an observation of past correlation,
and an assumption that this will continue.

We must seek to open the “black box”, and explore inter-regional processes
in more detail, with a focus on how changes in one part of the Earth system
come to be expressed in very distant regions. How do changes in polar ice
sheets change monsoon systems? How is transference of this change expressed
in the mid latitudes? In the reverse direction, how do ENSO and tropical
Atlantic variability alter the monsoons, and how does this change pass
through the mid-latitudes to the poles?

In this session, we welcome all studies that address interregional
relationships or communication in climate, regardless of timescale. We seek
an interactive session, in which proxy-based and physics-based science are
considered equally.


Mike Rogerson

Sherilyn Fritz

Ludvig Loewemark

Farah Jarraya

Deadline for abstract submission is 9th January 2019

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