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Bonjour à tous,

The eBook entitled "Brachiopods sampled during expeditions (1976-2014) in the Bathyal Zone of the French Mediterranean coasts. Redefinition of the boundaries of the phytal system in the marine benthic domain" [text in French - with possible translation by Google] has just been issued... In Appendix A-C comments on systematics of extant brachiopods and on Terebratula minor and T. seminulum (both described originally by Philippi, 1836).

Vient de paraître...
Emig C.C. (2018).- Brachiopodes récoltés lors de campagnes (1976-2014) dans l’étage Bathyal des côtes françaises méditerranéennes. Redéfinition des limites du système phytal dans le domaine marin benthique.- Carnets de Géologie, Madrid, CG2018_B01, 100 p.


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