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Dear friends an colleagues,

A quick reminder that the deadline to submit an abstract to our cephalopod topical session at this November’s Geological Society of America meeting is only two weeks away.
T123. Cephalopods through Time
Rationale: Cephalopods (nautiloids, ammonoids and coleoids) have been dominant elements of marine ecosystems throughout the Phanerozoic. Understanding their evolution and ecology is crucial to many disciplines in Earth science because cephalopods (1) were dominant elements of marine ecosystems throughout the Phanerozoic, (2) are today an increasingly important human food source, (3) include a number of endangered species today, (4) allow the study of the complex response of marine animals to environmental changes in Earth history, including the extinction of important groups during critical intervals of Earth system perturbation, and (5) have mineralized skeletons which increasingly serve as archives for environmental proxies.
Considering their abundance in the fossil record and their wide application as biostratigraphic index fossils, it is astonishing how little is known about the paleobiology of ancient cephalopods, in part due to the lack of soft part preservation. The paleobiology of fossil cephalopods is therefore mainly accessed by indirect methods. This session presents the latest research on cephalopods in the present and the past. Research topics feature ecological and palaeoecological studies on cephalopods, experimental biology, recent developments in taxonomy, geochemical approaches, response to environmental crises, and innovative approaches in cephalopod research.

Invited speakers: Kenneth de Baets, Isabelle Kruta, Frank Anderson
This session is sponsored by Paleontological Society; EarthRates; Paleontological Research Institution.
Abstracts are due Tuesday 14 August, 2018 (11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time).
More information about the 2018 GSA meeting is available at the GSA website: <>
Please feel free to share this information with other cephalopod workers, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Christina Ifrim, Peg Yacobucci, and Neil Landman

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