Paleonet: PaleoNet Server Migration - Resumption of Service

N. MacLeod n.macleod9 at
Thu Mar 1 12:33:40 GMT 2018

It’s taken us a bit longer than anticipated, but the move of the PaleoNet listserver and website files to the new Palaeontological Association servers has now been completed and these systems tested. We’re back online and ready to resume service to the subscriber community. Thank you for your patience.

Since you’ve received this message, the listserver is working properly for you. I’ve updated the migration announcement on the PaleoNet web to try to provide information to subscribers who may - for any reason - be experiencing trouble receiving listserver postings. With regard to the website, however, that’s a bit of a more complicated matter. Most web browsers cache frequently accessed urls in order to improve users' perception of the browser's performance and overcome local network speed issues. Of course, your browser will have cached the old PaleoNet url. The form of the url is exactly the same for us humans, but computers, of course, use resources invisible to us to find their way around the internet. The best solution to web site access issues is to (1) restart your browser if (like me) you leave your computer running of days on end and (2) do a search for PaleoNet and access it through the search link. this should help your browser "catch on” and cache the new url. It shouldn’t take long. You’ll know if you’re “pointed” at the right site address because the PaleoNet home page only exists now at the new site url. Of course, you should also check any bookmarks you might have to PaleoNet web-site pages to make sure those “point” to locations in the new site.

If you have any problems either receiving PaleoNet listserver postings or accessing the web site please get in touch with me offline. If you hear of any of your colleagues who are having problems along these lines please suggest they contact me offline. It might take a few days for all the network kinks to work themselves out for everyone. But we’re on the road to full service recovery. Many thanks go to Alan Spencer who set up the new Palaeontological Association servers, migrated the PaleoNet files, and tested the system.

With kind regards and many thanks to you for your continue support.

Norm MacLeod


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