Paleonet: Post-migration check

N. MacLeod n.macleod9 at
Fri Mar 2 11:31:34 GMT 2018

Dear All:

This is not a test. It’s a real message.

First, thank you once again for bearing with us during the migration of PaleoNet listserver and web pages earlier this week. Everything appears to be working correctly so far as Alan Spencer and I can tell from our end. But if anyone is having any problems with any aspect of PaleoNet please get in touch with me directly offline.

The migration appeared to go smoothly and all files were copied across in fairly short order. We allowed let the new DNS names bed in for 24 hours after the migration was completed and then added an additional 12+ hours onto that so we could bring the system back online in the morning London time when both Alan and I could be at our desks if any last-minute problems occurred. And occur they did. Nothing Alan couldn’t handle, but it did cause us a bit of concern yesterday morning.

I won’t bore you with the details of what the problems were, but there is one thing you do need to know. In reinstating the list of PaleoNet subscribers Alan had to reset everyone’s PaleoNet account to their default settings and reset everyone’s passwords to a new random combination of letters. This reset does not effect the operation of anyone’s PaleoNet account. So far as we can see, everyone who had a subscription on Monday still has one today and all the subscriptions are active and operating normally. However, some of you had elected to receive PaleoNet postings in digest form. If you are a digest subscriber you will need to log into your PaleoNet account and make alternations to the default settings so you receive PaleoNet postings the way you want to receive them. In addition, if you’re concerned about security on your account you should go into your PaleoNet account and reset the password to something you regard as secure. Default PaleoNet passwords consist of 8 alphabetic characters which would be regarded as providing good, but not excellent, security by contemporary standards. Alan’s and my admin. passwords are more complex so the administration of the Paleonet system is secure. Personally, I doubt anyone other then palaeontologists would find much of interest to them inside the PaleoNet system. Also, since I don’t use my PaleoNet account password as a password for any other account I have anywhere, if a hacker somehow obtained my PaleoNet account password I think they would be in more danger than I (of being totally confused and then bored to death). But you may feel differently.

If you need to get into your account to alter your subscriber settings or password, the process is easy. First you’ll need to have the system send you your current password. That can be done by going to the PaleoNet Info Page at:

Scroll to the bottom of that page and enter your subscription address into the 'Unsubscribe or edit options' textbox. [Note: if you don’t recall which of your many e-mail addresses you used to sign up to PaleoNet in the first place, go to the top of this message and take a look at the address this post was sent to you under. That’s your subscription address.] Activating the Unsubscribe or edit options’ button will take you to a 'PaleoNet List: Member Options' page from which you can touch a button and have your current password sent to your subscription address. Once you have your current password you can log into your account and change whatever your’d like to change there, or not, as you wish. 

Of course, if you’ve made no changes to your account since you signed up to PaleoNet, and are happy to keep the random password that was assigned to your account yesterday, you need do nothing. The system should operate in its default mode for, just as it always has. 

If anyone has any problems or questions about their account, or if the procedure I’ve described above doesn’t work for you, please contact me offline.

That’s it, other than, again, to thank you for your patience, your support, and for being a PaleoNet subscriber.

With kind regards.

Norm MacLeod


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