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I just checked our collections and it isn’t ours. But thanks so much for posting this!

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Please excuse the cross posting, but I figured that it was best to send this to both Preplist & PaleoNet to get the best coverage possible.
We have a specimen of a partial Champsosaur skull in our possession, with the catalogue number 8220 written on it in black ink (see attached pictures). We don't believe it is our specimen. A handwritten note with specimen states [possibly by Bruce Naylor?]:  "Probably Not our specimen - Whose?  NMC?"

We have checked with National Museum of Canada, & Royal Ontario Museum but both say it isn't theirs.
The specimen was possibly borrowed by Dr. Richard Fox in late 1960's during his research on Champsosauridae; but as of this date [March 8, 2018]  no original home has been found.
I would appreciate it if you could check your collections for a missing specimen, and let me know if it is yours.

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