Paleonet: A request for paper

Mona Seddighi mona66310 at
Thu Mar 29 17:14:05 GMT 2018

Dear colleagues,

Maybe somebody has the following three pdf files:

Rahaghi A (1973) Etude de quelques grands foraminifères de la formation de
Qum (Iran central). Rev Micropaleontol 16(1):23–38

Rahaghi A (1980) Tertiary faunal assemblages of Qum Kashan, Sabzerwar and
Jahrum areas. Publications National Iranian Oil
Company, Geological Laboratories 8:64

Hottinger L, Drobne K (1980) Early Tertiary conical imperforate
foraminifera. Razprave Slov Akad Znan Umet, (Cl 4: Hist Nat) 22(3):187–276,
15 figs., 22 pls

I would be very grateful if you can share them with me.

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