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*Collection Manager, Vertebrate Paleontology - 54457BR*


*Yale University offers exciting opportunities for achievement and 
growth in New Haven, Connecticut. Conveniently located between Boston 
and New York, New Haven is the creative capital of Connecticut with 
cultural resources that include three major museums, a 
critically-acclaimed repertory theater, state-of-the-art concert hall, 
and world-renowned schools of Architecture, Art, Drama, and Music.*

*General Purpose:*  Reporting to the Curator-in-Charge of the Division, 
under the direction of Vertebrate Paleontology (VP) Curators, and in 
conjunction with the Director of Collections and Research, the VP 
Collection Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the 
VP Division, with the primary goal of promoting the use, maintenance, 
and growth of Vertebrate Paleontology collections at the Yale Peabody 
Museum of Natural History (YPM).

  * Manages all aspects of specimen loans, including consultation with
    Preparation Lab to ensure safe packing and shipping, and tracks
    internal and external usage statistics, including frequency of
    taxon/specimen use.
  * Manages the housing of specimens and the arrangement of collections
    for long-term preservation and usefulness; oversees collections
    facilities, access requests, and security.
  * Oversees cataloging and digitization efforts for incoming
    collections, backlogs, loans, and research or teaching requests;
    promotes dissemination of specimen information through on-line
    collections portals including image databases and 3-D libraries.
  * Provides taxonomic identifications of specimens and assesses their
    associated data for accuracy and historical context, including
    promoting continuous upgrades to specimen identifications and
  * Oversees efforts to improve specimen organization, preservation, and
    conservation, in consultation with the Chief Preparator.
  * Manages specimen acquisition, accessioning, permitting and reporting
    processes associated with acquisitions, incoming collections;
    manages international, federal and state compliance issues related
    to collecting, import/export, and transportation of collections for
    acquisitions and loans.
  * Coordinates with Development staff on fund-raising opportunities;
    writes collections-improvement grants to improve curation,
    accessibility, and preservation of VP collections.
  * Plans and develops exhibits, including writing interpretive labels,
    and assists with selecting specimens for display; consults with
    Chief Preparator on specimen preparation, mount making, exhibit
    maintenance (e.g., cleaning, repair) and installation.
  * Leads field expeditions, where 3-5 mile hikes over rough terrain are
  * Uses various industrial equipment to conduct duties. Operates
    gas-powered and pneumatic saws, jack hammers, and tools for removal
    of rock matrix in the field and laboratory.
  * Represents VP Division on YPM committees.

The Peabody Museum is preparing to embark on a four-year expansion 
project, that will allow the Peabody to add 50% more gallery space and 
will enhance the experience of museum-goers, students and researchers 
alike.  For more information on the expansion project, please visit 

*Required Education and Experience:* Master's degree in a related field 
and three years of museum related experience or an equivalent 
combination of education and experience.


  * Administrative, management, and supervisory skills.
  * Knowledge of vertebrate anatomy, systematics, and fossil record.
  * Knowledge of conservation principles, procedures, methods, and
  * Knowledge of collection databasing, imaging, and workflows.
    Knowledge of fieldwork techniques.
  * Oral and written communication skills. Strong interpersonal skills.
    Ability to work independently.
  * *Preferred Education and Experience*: Advanced degree preferred,
    preferably in a field related to vertebrate paleontology. At least
    three years’ experience in a museum environment, or an equivalent
    combination of education and experience, in a field related to
    vertebrate paleontology. Valid motor vehicle license.

*Application: *For more information and immediate consideration, please 
apply online at 
  Please be sure to reference this website when applying for this position.


*We invite you to discover the excitement, diversity, rewards and 
excellence of a career at Yale University. One of the country's great 
workplaces, Yale University offers exciting opportunities for meaningful 
accomplishment and true growth. Our benefits package is among the best 
anywhere, with a wide variety of insurance choices, liberal paid time 
off, fantastic family and educational benefits, a variety of retirement 
benefits, extensive recreational facilities, and much more.*

/Yale University considers applicants for employment without regard to, 
and does not discriminate on the basis of an individual’s sex, race, 
color, religion, age, disability, status as a veteran, or national or 
ethnic origin; nor does Yale discriminate on the basis of sexual 
orientation or gender identity or expression./

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