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I'd suggest that you do nothing with them, other than perhaps enclosing
them in a plastic or other kind of box or cabinet to keep them from dirt
and damage.  When you do get a purpose or use for them, then you can figure
out the best way to deal with them relative to  that use.  Photograph them,
of course, for information purposes. That may be enough.


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> Dear all,
> does anybody have experience about how to deal with historical collections
> when you have a serie of (often different) fossils glued in rows on thin
> glass plates (generally 6-12 of them) with small lables on them.
> I would appreciate if you could share your experience with it regarding
> - how to deal with the cleaning (did you unglue them first?)?
> - did you keep them all on the glass plates or removed those isolating the
> single fossils and their small labels
> - how did you permit to keep the historical value but permitted also a
> modern revision and catalogisation of the fossils
> Thanks in advance for your support,
> Evelyn Kustatscher
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