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Dear Evelyn, I agree with Jere.
Usually I (or better one of our technician) only clean them carefully, that
is it. I woud never unglue them. I don't see a problem about catalogisation
or digitalisation. You can put them in a box or plastic bag and treat them
as one object with a new label. The idividual objects on the glass plate
can also have different registration numbers - why not?
Which type of material is it?
Greetings, Michael


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Am Fr., 19. Apr. 2019 um 18:01 Uhr schrieb Kustatscher Evelyn <
Evelyn.Kustatscher at>:

> Dear all,
> does anybody have experience about how to deal with historical collections
> when you have a serie of (often different) fossils glued in rows on thin
> glass plates (generally 6-12 of them) with small lables on them.
> I would appreciate if you could share your experience with it regarding
> - how to deal with the cleaning (did you unglue them first?)?
> - did you keep them all on the glass plates or removed those isolating the
> single fossils and their small labels
> - how did you permit to keep the historical value but permitted also a
> modern revision and catalogisation of the fossils
> Thanks in advance for your support,
> Evelyn Kustatscher
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