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*Curator of Paleontology, Alabama Museum of Natural History (ALMNH)*

The Department of Research and Collections of the University of Alabama 
Museums is seeking a highly-motivated researcher in the area of 
paleontology. The paleontology collections at the Alabama Museum of 
Natural History date back to the mid 1800’s and include over 25,000 
specimens. The collection is made up of vertebrate, invertebrate and 
paleobotanical specimens and boasts many unique and important specimens 
including several holotypes and arguably the most complete /Clidastes 
propython/ mosasaur specimen known (Artemis). The ALMNH also maintains 
an extensive collection of extant vertebrates that are useful for 
comparative studies (osteological specimens, study skins, and wet 
specimens). This position will oversee a fully functional fossil 
preparation laboratory adjacent to the collection as well as a 130-acre 
paleontological field station in Dallas County, AL. Areas of research 
focus could include but are not be limited to: systematics, functional 
or evolutionary morphology, paleoecology, and biomechanics. The ALMNH is 
also interested in connecting paleontological research with our visitors 
and the local community.

The Curator of Paleontology is responsible for managing the 
paleontological collections including, in conjunction with the Director, 
Research and Collections, developing plans for maintenance and 
expansion. Writing proposals to fund the collection and create synergies 
with faculty and other researchers promoting deposition of specimens in 
the ALMNH collections. Creating and maintains an active research program 
focused on the paleontology collections. Managing a budget for 
paleontological activities and administering grants and proposals for 
paleontology collections. Managing Harrell Station, ALMNH's 
paleontological field station. Oversees the recruitment and coordination 
of ALMNH paleontological assistants and volunteers. Teaches one course 
per year in paleontology, geology or a related field. Assists with 
development of policies and processes conforming to best practice 
standards for the long-term preservation and conservation of specimens 
within the collections.

*Qualifications and Required Application Materials: *Ph.D. in Geology or 
Biology with specialization in Paleontology and one (1) year of college 
level teaching experience. Job close date 5/31/2019. Visit UA's 
employment website at <> (job 
no. 508814) for more information and to apply. The University of Alabama 
is an equal-opportunity employer (EOE) including an EOE of protected 
vets and individuals with disabilities.

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