Paleonet: Cretaceous & Beyond conference - Abstracts due Thursday - registration now open!

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Mon May 6 16:01:09 UTC 2019

Exciting news - our conference registration page for Cretaceous & Beyond is
now open!

Badlands Dinosaur Museum, North Dakota Geological Survey, and Dickinson
State University are delighted to invite you to attend our symposium,
Cretaceous and Beyond - Paleontology of the Western Interior: September
13-18, 2019, in Dickinson, North Dakota.

We have some fantastic field trips scheduled to world-class fossil
localities, for low low prices, so we expect that they will fill up
quickly. Please register soon to reserve your spot!

The link to register is:

Abstracts are due Thursday, May 9th at 11:59pm Mountain Time. The link for
abstract submission and details is:

General conference and field trip information:

-----------Conference Dates: Presentations & Field Trips-----------

Fri. 13th Sept. - North Dakota field trip (optional; 30 persons maximum)
Sat. 14th Sept. - First day of presentations (Dickinson State University)
Sun. 15th Sept. - Second day of presentations (Dickinson State University)
Mon  16th Sept. - The K-Pg boundary of SW North Dakota (optional; 53
persons maximum)
Tues 17th-Weds 18th Sept. - Montana field trip (optional)

The main emphasis of the meeting is the evolution, ontogeny, and
paleoecology of vertebrates from the Late Cretaceous and Paleogene
(Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene) of North America. However, presentations on
relevant non-vertebrate fields such as stratigraphy, geochronology,
palynology, paleobotany, and invertebrate paleontology will also be
welcome, keeping in mind the audience of mainly vertebrate paleontologists.
Presentations on other time periods or geographic regions should clearly
explain their relevance for vertebrate researchers in the Cretaceous and
Paleogene of the Western Interior (e.g. intercontinental migration or
variation, with Asian fauna, etc.).

Registration & Fees

Early registration (before June 8th): $40
Late registration (June 8th - Sept 1st): $50
On-site registration: $60

Registration will remain open through the summer. To subscribe to symposium
email updates please send an email to eafreedman at

The Meeting Registration fee includes access to all lectures, poster
sessions, coffee services, and a buffet dinner at the Welcome Reception
held at the Badlands Dinosaur Museum.

A limited number of free volunteer registrations will be available to
students or early career researchers who will assist with the daily
operations of the conference. If you are interested in volunteering, please
contact the organizing committee at eafreedman at BEFORE signing up
on this registration page.

Meeting registration is required for all field trip attendees.

Field trips are optional but subject to additional fees:

Detailed info on fieldtrips is available at the bottom of the main
conference webpage:

Pre-meeting fieldtrip - "Paleogene of ND":
$50 for 1 day, including a seat on the tour bus (return trip from/to
Dickinson), and one bagged lunch. Limit of 30 persons.

Post-meeting fieldtrip - "K-Pg boundary of ND":
$50 for 1 day, including a seat on the tour bus (return trip from/to
Dickinson), and one bagged lunch. Limit of 53 persons.

Post meeting fieldtrip - "Judith River & Hell Creek of MT":
$140 for "full service": 2 days, including an overnight stay in Glasgow MT
(double occupancy), a seat on the tour bus (return trip from/to Dickinson),
and two bagged lunches. Limit of 23 persons.
$25 for "basic: Self-driving /catering / hotel": Attendee is expected to
drive in their own vehicle and make their own hotel & lunch arrangements.

A traditional meal at the Ukrainian Cultural Institute (borscht soup,
sausages, and pyrohy filled dumplings) will be available on Saturday
lunchtime (50 guests maximum) for additional charge ($14).

Childcare facilities will be available for a small fee (onsite).

Dr. Liz Freedman Fowler
Assistant Professor of Biology
Dickinson State University
Dickinson, North Dakota
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