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You are warmly invited to join us for a half-day symposium and complimentary drinks reception to celebrate the career of Professor Simon Conway Morris FRS. This event will take place on Friday 21 June, from 1pm onwards.

Professor Simon Conway Morris, Chair of Evolutionary Palaeobiology and Fellow of St John's College, formally retired at the end of December. He is principally known for three areas of enquiry: his contributions to our understanding of the Cambrian 'explosion', his enthusiasm for the role of convergence in evolutionary biology, and his activities in the realm of public outreach, including the defence of evolution and the wider science/religion debates.

Talks in celebration of Simon's career will feature the following speakers: Graham Budd; Jen Hoyal Cuthill; Ros Rickaby; Martin Smith; Jacob Vinther; Andy Gale, Rob Asher and, of course, Simon himself.

Please use the following link to book:

Best wishes

Graham Budd

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