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Joshua Slattery dinohyus at
Fri May 24 22:57:08 UTC 2019

Hello Everyone,
       I wanted to send a reminder that the due date for abstracts for the
AAPG Rocky Mountain Section memorial session for USGS paleontologists Bill
Cobban is Friday May 31, 2019. However, we will accept abstracts into early
June. The session will be held on September 18th, 2019 in Cheyenne, WY as
part of the AAPG Rocky Mountain Section Meeting. Please consider submitting
an abstract for a talk if you have any research on ammonites, cephalopods,
the Western Interior Seaway, Cretaceous paleogeography, Cretaceous
paleontology, and/or stratigraphy. We will also have a poster session if
you have research better suited for this medium or would like to have a
second presentation. Also, if you know of any one else who would be
interested in presenting could you please pass this information along.

      I have attached the meeting announcement with details on the abstract
submission process. When you submit your abstract please note that you are
interested in participating in the Cobban Memorial Session. Simple
non-color figures can also be accepted with abstracts.

      Furthermore, if there is enough interest, the Wyoming Geological
Association, who is helping to organize the AAPG Rocky Mountain Section
Meeting, would like to publish an associated volume related to the Cobban
Memorial Session.

      The meeting will also offer student travel grants and student
volunteer opportunities in exchange for waived meeting and field trip

Joshua Slattery, PhD
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