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Dear colleagues,
does any of you have perhaps one of the following papers as pdf?
Thanks in advance

Barnard, P.D.W., 1965. The geology of the upper Djadjerud and Lar valleys (North Iran) II. Palaeontology. Flora of the Shemshak Formation Part 1. Liassic plants from Dorud. Rivista Italiana di Paleontogia e Stratigrafia, 71 (4): 1123-1168

Barnard, P.D.W., 1967. Two new plants from the Upper Triassic of North East Afghanistan. Rivista Italiana di Paleontogia e Stratigrafia, 73 (3): 723-728.

Lorenz, C., 1964. Die Geologie des Oberen Karadj-Tales (Zentral-Elburz), Iran. Mitteilungen aus dem Geologischen Institut der Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule und der Zürich, new series, 22: 113 pp.

Potoniè, R. (1933). Über einige Pflanzenreste aus dem Jura Persiens. Arb. Inst. Paläobot. Und Petrogr. Brennst., 3(1): 247-250.

Rivière, A. (1934) Contribution à l’étude géologique de l’Elbourz (Perse). Rev. Géogr. Phys. Géol. Dynam. Paris. 7(1-2): 1-190.

Sadovnikov, G., 1976. The Mesozoic flora of Alborz and central Iran and its stratigraphic importance. National Iran Steel Company of Iran, Tehran, 1-118.

Vassiliev, Y., 1984. Mesozoic plant fossils from coal areas in Iran. V. II. 97 pp. (translated into persian by Mehdian, M.H.). Atlas of the Ministry of Mine and Metal 2 (2), 47 pls. Tehran.

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