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The Alabama Museum of Natural History usually hosts an exposition of sorts at which interested groups and the Museum itself put up tables showcasing various aspects of paleontology. Typically, these include lots of fossil specimens (some of which can be handled) that can be examined up close. The Museum doesn't charge anything to the organizations that put out tables and attendance at the event is open to everyone free of charge. Exhibits come from organizations such as amateur paleontological groups and the Geological Survey of Alabama. This event would be better attended if there was more parking available to visitors on the University of Alabama campus, but quite a few people do participate.

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To the best of my knowledge we have never participated, and I'd like to find out what people / organisations have done in the past. Are there any resources you direct me to?

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Once again International Fossil Day will be celebrated this year.  This time it will be the weekend of October 17-18 or most any other days you would like.  This year due to COVID-19, I expect group activities may be limited and certainly held with all precautions in place, but online events could be quite successful.  These could be new developments on your web pages or simply a relabeling of existing ones with the 2020 logo in place somewhere, or perhaps lectures or discussions held via Zoom or another platform.

Last year over 15 countries, some with multiple venues, participated.   I hope that you will be able to participate in some way once again.


Best Wishes in these Hard Times,


Jere H. Lipps
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