Paleonet: help with identifying fossil casts

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$8 was a lot more money then than today.    Jane Davidson

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Amazing, $8.00 for such beauties!  Very cool, thanks Warren and Ellen for this wonderful solved mystery!

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Hi Warren,
The two specimens are both Ward’s; we have copies of the same two specimens at Wesleyan University in the Joe Webb Peoples Museum, with catalog numbers/original Ward’s labels.  In the 1866 catalog, we are looking at No. 220 (Ichthyosaurus tenuirostris catalog; nowadays classified as Leptonectes tenuirostris) and No 255 Teleosaurus longipes, both a bit more than 4 ft long (nowadays classified as Steneosaurus or Macrospondylus bollensis). I attach a copy of our ichthyosaur specimen before restoration for comparison.

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Hi Warren,

Did you check the Ward catalogues, which are online available?
Mineralienkontor Dr. A./ F. Krantz (Berlin / Bonn) could otherwise be the supplier. Most of these casts were sold by Krantz. Krantz and Ward had similar (same) casts in their catalogue.


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These two casts – an ichthyosaur and a teleosaur -- are in the PRI collection and we are trying to determine where the original specimens might be. We don’t think they are part of the collection of casts from Ward’s Natural Science Establishment, but they might be. Any suggestions appreciated.


Warren D. Allmon
Director, Paleontological Research Institution

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