Paleonet: EGU2023 NP3.2 Nonlinear variability in deep time: space-time scaling processes in the megaclimate, macroevolution and tectonics

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Tue Dec 27 15:06:45 UTC 2022

Dear colleagues,

We are inviting you to participate in an interdisciplinary EGU2023 session
which will be dedicated to the long-time-scale macroevolutionary,
macroecological and geophysical processes.

*10 Jan 2023, 13:00 CET Deadline for receipt of abstracts*

*Nonlinear variability in deep time: space-time scaling processes in the
megaclimate, macroevolution and tectonics*

Co-organized by BG5/CL1.1/SSP4
Convener: Andrej Spiridonov | Co-conveners: Shaun Lovejoy, Norbert Marwan

At scales of millions of years and longer, geoprocesses typically display
nonlinear variability: strong (non Gaussian) extremes, strong (long range)
correlations, nontrivial fractal patterns and other scaling behaviours.
Over these “mega” time scales, tectonic, climatic and evolutionary
processes interact with important consequences for the climate,
macroevolution, and other biogeological processes.  Advances in nonlinear
data analysis, scale by scale decomposition of patterns, and nonlinear
modeling, combined with the increasing availability of quantitative paleo
data are enabling new and exciting discoveries in understanding the
regional and planetary scale phenomena of physical and biological
evolution. This session brings together paleontologists, climatologists,
tectonists and other nonlinear geoscientists, for a common task of
uncovering the multiscale variability and hierarchical interactions between
physical and biological dominions of the Earth system.    Contributions
relevant to processes at these long time scales are encouraged, in
particular:1) Data analyses: spectra, wavelets, structure functions,
probability distributions (extremes), recurrence plots, trace moments and
other nonlinear analysis techniques. 2) Modelling: Stochastic, scaling
(fractal, multifractal), fractional equations, deterministic
chaos. 3) Phenomena: macroevolution including dynamics of diversity,
extinction, origination of species, and variations in global biogeochemical
cycles, climate including paleotemperature and other
paleoseries, tectonics: continental drift, mantle convection, sea-level

See you there!

With best wishes and Happy New Year!

Andrej Spiridonov

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