Paleonet: Earth Science Women's Network Careers Outside Academia Webinar, June 22nd, 4pm UTC

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Mon Jun 13 22:20:18 UTC 2022

Hello paleo-net community,

Are you applying or interviewing for a role outside academia soon? Or
thinking about applying for roles outside academia?

The Earth Science Women's Network is hosting a webinar on June 22nd 2022 at
4pm UTC!

We will be joined by:

   - Keiko Toma (Head of Analytics, NHS England, UK)
   - Ruth Winden (Careers and Research Consultant, University of Leeds, UK)
   - Clara Rodríguez Rondón (Regional Exploration Technical Leader & Salt
   Basins Specialist, Petronas, Mexico)
   - Emily Hogan (Nutrien Ag Solutions, USA)

There will also be an opportunity to network with our speakers after the
panel discussion.
This event will be recorded for asynchronous participation.

Register here:
More information:

Hope to e-see you soon!

The Earth Science Women's Network Careers Outside Academia Webinar Series
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