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Hello paleo-net community,

Join us for an event all about salary negotiation on July 7th at 1500 UTC!

Have you ever wondered how to navigate salary negotiation or speaker
honoraria conversations? Would you like to find out more about how to get
paid fairly for your expertise?

Join us for an event where you can find out just how to do this! We are
very excited to host four speakers from workplaces both within and outside
academia who will explain their top tips, talk about their own experiences
and set you up for salary and honoraria negotiation success in your own

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The event agenda (all times listed in UTC) is:

15:00 Welcome (5 minutes)

15:05 Speaker experiences (20 minutes)

15:25 Panel discussion (20 minutes)

15:45 Live audience Q&A (15 minutes)

16:00 Break-out rooms - meet a speaker (30 minutes)

16:30 Event close

Our speakers will be:

Colleen Mouw (Associate Dean for Diversity and Academic Affairs in the
Graduate School and Associate Professor (Graduate School of Oceanography,
University of Rhode Island, USA)): Dr. Colleen Mouw is the Associate Dean
for Diversity and Academic Affairs in the Graduate School, an Associate
Professor at the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode
Island, and mentoring, professional development, and personal growth
enthusiast. Her academic research focuses on utilizing optical tools to
investigate phytoplankton community structure, carbon cycling, and the
physical drivers of these in marine and freshwater systems.  Her personal
and professional interests lie are in mentoring, coaching, and inspiring
others to discover and achieve inner excellence to thrive in their
professional lives.

Fatumina Abukar [PhD Graduate from University College London, UK):
Dr Fatumina is a highly qualified success coach specialising in leadership
development programs for women. Her commitment to increasing the female
talent pipeline in male-dominated areas has led her to be recognised for
prestigious awards, including the WISE Rising Star Award conferred by the
Princess Royal, the New Outstanding Stem Inspiration Award, and the
Financial Time’s Top Influential Woman in Engineering. She has coached
female leaders across several areas including business & finance,
education, law, medicine, social media, and STEM. Dr Fatumina’s commitment
to empowering women ‘to believe in themselves and ‘go after their goals’
through a tailored approach, makes her one of the most sought after
personal and success coaches in the field today. Originally trained as an
Engineer at UCL and at the University of Toronto, she has developed
financial and commercial acumen to rise expeditiously through the ranks
which then led her to work on multimillion pound projects in her role of
global business leader in clinical trials. Currently, Dr Fatumina runs
skill workshops and training sessions to help women succeed in their niche.
She uses her expertise and life experiences in her 1-to-1 coaching to help
female leaders develop a winner mindset and the strategy to reach their
goals in all areas of life. Dr Fatumina also engages in public speaking
events as a motivational speaker and works with organisations advocating
for diversity and inclusion. Dr Fatumina can be found on social media at

Fiona Hathorn (CEO of Women on Boards, UK): Fiona Hathorn is the CEO of
Women on Boards UK alongside advising a number of different boards and
organisations.   She is an Advisory Panel Member for the FRC, an Advisory
Board Member to Spktral, advisor to Peel Hunt and Chair of Hanx's
Nominations Committee. She is an expert in the areas of Governance,
Regulation and Talent Management having sat on both marketing and audit &
finance committees. Fiona is also a Patron of Fight for Sight and was
formerly a director for Hill Samuel Asset Management. She has advised the
board of the Thai Euro Fund and is a Judge for the Non Executive Director
Awards, sponsored by The Sunday Times. In 2020 Fiona joined King's College
London's 'Global Institute for Women's Leadership' Advisory Board.

Yara Haridy (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Chicago, USA): Dr. Yara
Haridy is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Chicago, her
research focuses on the mineralized tissues of vertebrates and how they
evolved. Yara is also passionate about science communication through museum
programs and social media, you can often find her pushing bones and skulls
at the public and asking them to guess what she has handed them. When not
pushing science on the public, Yara works on several ‘decolonizing science’
projects which focus on bridging the gaps between scientists’ actions
abroad and the knowledge owed to local communities.

All parts of this event (except break-out rooms) will be recorded for
asynchronous participation. A link will be made available to participants
after the event.

We are excited for you to join us!

If you have any questions please contact us via events [at] eswnonline
[dot] org

The Earth Science Women's Network Board and Associate Board of Directors
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