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   I digitized them (email me if you are morbidly curious). I am aware of three 'Original Reports of the Okamura Fossil Laboratory (No. 13-15)' and one book by Okamura on the minicreatures. The reports are about half English and half Japanese. The book is all Japanese.
  With the help of google translate, I did some digging on him awhile back. It seems like this was a hobby for him—he was a dentist or medical doctor of some sort. He even presented at Japanese paleontological meetings, evidently. The rumor is that during one of his talks, an older paleontologist became so agitated that he succumbed to high blood pressure. Can anyone confirm this?

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Does anyone know if these volumes were ever digitized/ are available online anywhere?


On 10/12/2023 3:33 PM, John Laurie wrote:
They are good to read ... once.

On Fri, 13 Oct 2023 at 00:01, Lars Holmer <lars.holmer at<mailto:lars.holmer at>> wrote:
Stefan Bengtson had a set as I recall
I can probably live without ;)

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Yes, the Smithsonian has a set, too.

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The Original Reports of the Okamura Fossil Laboratory were sent, unsolicited, to the Geoscience Australia library many years ago and were catalogued and put on the shelves with all the thousands of books and journals on geoscience and related topics. They are large format, glossy productions and must have cost a considerable amount to produce. I gather they were sent, similarly unsolicited, to many libraries and educational institutions around the world. They are, um, unusual.

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