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…. I can see Graduate students using it to produce their Dissertations and Thesis’s and am horrified … university educations will become worthless and “peer review” part of the past.

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>From Nature:"Large language models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, could become regular assistants for writing manuscripts, peer-review reports and grant applications. These artificial-intelligence (AI) tools could change how scientists interrogate and summarize results, producing ‘papers on demand’ from experimental data and vastly expanding the scope of meta-analyses and reviews. But publishers worry that LLMs’ propensity to make up information might lead to a flood of error-strewn manuscripts — and possibly AI-assisted fakes. And because LLMs trawl Internet content without concern for bias, consent or copyright, their use is “automated plagiarism by design”, suggests cognitive scientist Iris van Rooij."
I'm not certain that it's plagiarism.  AI does not always copy material but mixes it up with paraphrased stuff.  Stealing the material to begin with is another issue.
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I’d still take Richard Cowen’s ‘History of Life’ limerick collection over ChatGPT any day of the week!


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This may be an appropriately unserious use of AI, but this limerick isn’t ready for prime time. It doesn’t follow the required meter. Most AI-generated text has serious problems like this, thank Ghu!




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I never use ChatGPT for anything serious:





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> More generally, many online tools make it easy to get authoritative-looking output from doubtful data.  Checking the actual information behind a result is essential.
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